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Coming in 2024!

Overcoming The 7 Deadliest Communication SINs: A New Standard for Workplace Communication


BONUS: All orders come with a packet of 6 Quick Reference Communication Model Postcards to compliment the strategies you will learn in the book.

Two Sins Don't Make It Right


When you read Skip’s Overcoming The 7 Deadliest Communication Sins you will learn:

  • The only 3 potential outcomes from any communication you engage in.

  • Why there is a 67% risk of damaging relationships every time you communicate.

  • The 3 Primary Communication Sins that negatively impact individual relationships first and then overall team and organizational cultures.

  • The 4 Secondary Communication Sins that undermine individual relationships by killing the trust and respect you need.

  • The Champion Communicators Power Triad featuring the three most important communication traits you must turn into habits to be most effective in your personal and professional life.

  • The Three Levels of Communication Influence that will allow you to transform your communication skills in 21 different contexts.

When you read Skip’s Two Sins Don't Make It Right you will learn:

  • Two men from different generations and political and religious upbringings have their lives unexpectedly intertwined to disastrous effect. The main character, a 30-year-old aspiring minor league professional baseball executive on the cusp of achieving his childhood dream of a career in the Major Leagues, helps the man's daughter, a 16-year-old pregnant stadium employee. through her life-altering crisis. The young man, the teenage girl, and her older sister, decisions and actions come in conflict with the girls' father and the fundamentalist Christian family's moral code. The father, a prominent and influential community and church leader, uses his power and influence to sabotage the young executive's career and his most intimate personal relationship, while losing the two things most important in his life along the way.

Skip has written a must-read for anyone in business.

"I found Skip's book very helpful to my everyday workday. Skip's vulnerability in his personal stories was inspiring to read.

Applying Skip's practical workplace and leadership communication strategies will improve any company's bottom line!"


Paul McGee

Helio HR Senior HR Consultant

"Of all the business books I've read over 40+ years in business, this is the one I wish I'd had at the very beginning. I would have re-read it every year.

"Skip's candid - and at time, highly personal - approach is refreshing and entertaining, keeping you engaged throughout. Overall, it would be a "sin" for a manager or other business leader to not read this book."


Jim Williamson

Retired (former Non-Profit Senior Executive)

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