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Welcome to Beta Reader Phase 2!
Below is Your Charge - the Review Questions Remain the Same!

(Please complete & submit your feedback on or before FRIDAY, May 24, 2024)

  1. Review the feedback questions below prior to starting to be aware of what to look for and comment on as you read (don't be overwhelmed by the number of questions, answer what you can, all level and quantity of feedback is appreciated) : 

    • What are you general impressions of the book to this point?
    • Do you want to continue reading at this point? Why/Why not?
    • What is one thing you really like about the book so far?
    • What parts need the most improvement so far?
    • What do you like/not like about the 4 main characters (Ben, Hannah, Rebecca, Mr. Wheeler), and what questions do you have (if any) about any or all of them?
    • What questions do you have to this point that you hope are answered during the course of the story?
    • What are the author's greatest writing strengths?
    • What are the author's greatest writing weaknesses and blind spots?
    • What is this novel's biggest need for improvement to this point?

  2. Click this link to download the novel's second ten (10) chapters #11-20 (approximately 20,000 words).

  3. Take notes as you read to make answering the above questions in the final survey easier.

  4. When finished with all ten chapters, click this link to go to the Google Form Survey to submit your feedback.

Please email me at with any questions you have.

Thank you, so much, for being part of my team.

The Novel's Theme:

The cost of moral certainty. What price are you willing to pay to hold on to your strongest convictions?

The Novel's Plot Hook:

Ben Segal, 30, on the cusp of achieving his childhood dream of a career in Major League Baseball, struggles to rebuild his burgeoning career and personal life that it is sabotaged by the father of a pregnant teenager Ben helps make a decision that conflicts with her family's fundamentalist beliefs.

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