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Get the signed book and bonus quick reference postcard packet of $10.

When you read Skip’s Overcoming The 7 Deadliest Communication Sins you will learn:


  • The only 3 potential outcomes from any communication you engage in.

  • Why there is a 67% risk of damaging relationships every time you communicate.

  • The 3 Primary Communication Sins that negatively impact individual relationships first and then overall team and organizational cultures.

  • The 4 Secondary Communication Sins that undermine individual relationships by killing the trust and respect you need.

  • The Champion Communicators Power Triad featuring the three most important communication traits you must turn into habits to be most effective in your personal and professional life.

  • The Three Levels of Communication Influence that will allow you to transform your communication skills in 21 different contexts.

Overcoming The 7 Deadliest Communication Sins

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